Birthday Beach-Hopping

Week Thirteen

This week was my 22nd birthday! On my actual birthday during the week I unfortunately felt a little down. It was very strange to not be home for this day, and I felt quite homesick. My friends here were very kind though, and I enjoyed a “Mexican night” burrito dinner and went to reggae night at Labadi beach. One of the best parts of my first day of being 22 was riding a horse down the beach! I had never ridden a horse before, so my birthday in Ghana alongside the ocean seemed to be a great place for my first time.

During the weekend was when I really celebrated my birthday through traveling with my friends and beach hopping. On Friday I went to Ada Foah, the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen with one side of fresh, river water and one side of the salty ocean. We relaxed and swam under the sun all day and had a great time. At night the moonless and cloudless sky brought hundreds of bright, white stars sprinkled across the blackness. I woke up at 2:30am to take a boat across the river to Ada, and a series of tro-tros back to Legon! After only a few hours of sleep and re-packing, I set off on an STC bus to Cape Coast with a bunch of my girl friends! Since this is one of my favorite places in Ghana, it was perfect for celebrating. We stayed at Oasis Beach Resort again, sleeping in beach bungalows and relaxing on the coast all weekend. It was a perfect stress-reliever and helped me to get over my birthday blues. I decided that I would try really hard to not be homesick during my last few weeks in Ghana because it won’t be long before Ghana is the home that I miss!

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