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Kumasi and Lake Bosomtwe

Week Fourteen

Since the semester is coming to an end, I have been trying to catch up in reading and revision for my exams, and also running errands on campus to tie up loose ends before returning to the states. Sometimes this can be frustrating because Ghana runs on a much slower pace and it is not uncommon to wait for people for hours to accomplish a task on campus. One day was even more of an adventure when I got caught in a heavy rain storm on the way through the large Legon campus. I was soaking, ring-you-out wet when I reached the Academic Affairs office! It was quite a funny sight. I did quite enjoy that rainy day, though, because it was the first time it has been cool enough to wear my sweatshirt!

Once I got through classes and my internship during the week, including my last lecture of college, I set off with my friend Hannah for Kumasi, the second biggest city in Ghana. We walked through the middle of the largest open market in West Africa, Kejetia market! We bought some amazing print fabric and walked down the railroad tracks through the heart of this intricate maze of foods, spices, and all sorts of crazy things (including dried chameleons for traditional medicine). The next day we headed 35km outside of Kumasi to spend the night at Lake Bosomtwe! This lake was made from a meteor that hit Earth over one million years ago and formed a creator surrounded by mountains that was then fed through a natural underground spring to form the lake. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. We stayed at a gorgeous guesthouse, got to hold a piece of the meteor, and swam in the water, so fresh and clear. We enjoyed watching the flying birds and the traditional-style fishermen. We also got to take a one-hour canoe trip across the lake the next morning! The panoramic view of layered mountains was incredible.


Lately my emotions have been somewhat of a roller coaster. I am so happy to be in Ghana, but yet so sad to leave. I am also very excited to go home to Ohio, especially to be with my friends and family, but I am very nervous about graduating and the reverse culture shock of returning to the States. It is incredible how quickly time is flying by!

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