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Motorbikes, Monkeys and Mountains; Returning to the Volta!

Week Nine

The following weekend I got an opportunity to go back to the Volta region! My close friend Hannah had her parents visiting from the UK and I tagged along with them for another adventure in the green, lush mountains of Ghana. Our bus from Accra was delayed several hours, which is typical Ghana-time. We set off for the town Ho and stayed in a fancy little hotel, with precious, sweet air conditioning. It is so hot in Ghana that we are all constantly sweating, so having a/c is quite the treat, and this was only the second time I have slept in it since I have been in Ghana. Anyways, our adventures for the weekend included going to Tafi Abuipe, a kente cloth weaving village. Ghana is famous for its vibrant and intricate kente weaving, which traditionally originated in this village. We also went to neighboring Tafi Atome, the monkey sanctuary that I had visited the week before! The best part about the day was getting to these villages because we took motorcycle taxis through the winding roads of the Volta.

The last day of our trip we decided to go to Logba Tota, a village way up in the mountain tops of the Avatime Hills . The steep taxi drive up the mountain was quite scary! The village was so beautiful, with amazing views, and the people were so genuinely friendly and welcoming. We took a 3 km hike through the mountains and found this hideaway waterfall called Akpom Waterfall, which was surrounded by cliffs, rock faces and a cave. It had a beautiful lagoon underneath and was tucked away in the forest. It looked like heaven with its vines and overhanging rocks. We climbed up into the cave and even saw a large stalagmite! After our hike we were cooked a delicious home cooked dinner in the village and watched the stars take over the sky.

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